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How to Become a Successful News Reader?

Being the news reader is a very lucrative career where successful readers get handsome salary. The very thought of being TV anchor and reporter is exciting, fast-paced job since all the limelight is on the reporter. If you wish to attain that level of glamour and glory, you can read below to learn the steps of being the successful reader. But then, the respect, success and limelight is gained only with 100% dedication, hard work and the talent to converse with most difficult people. You will spend countless hours researching online so make sure you have descent broadband. It may happen that you discover yourself devoting 6 full hours in 10 degree weather, expecting the hostage situation to break. If you think you have the guts, the talent and stamina to appear on the television as the anchor, read below the steps.

  • The foremost need is being an articulate reader. Voice is the key here. You need to focus on projection and enunciation, inflection skills. Thus, with all three factors you deliver the script in a compelling manner. Being bold and authoritative in the speech is must. Practice reading magazines, journals and newspapers loudly. Listen to the top journalist speeches on a regular basis to see how they read out.


  • Personal grooming and appearing good on camera is second prerequisite for being the reporter. You should have that kind of charming personality that compels people to watch you again and again. To succeed in the TV reporting niche, have great charisma, charm and killer people skills. Learn how to introduce yourself and talk to different people on various subjects. Apart from this, TV reporters are supposed to be unbiased and keep aside their prejudices. Even if you do not like certain politicians, actors or other celebrities, you are not supposed to show that. Master the art of giving professional expressions.

Having Skill

It is true that you need to read out the reports but having stellar writing skills is also must.


Be Flexible

Be extremely flexible when it comes to schedule. Do not think that it is a job from 10am to 5 pm.



Writing skills can get you farther in the profession. Writing skills will assist in communicating better and narrating stories in a compelling manner.


Work Continuously

 You may have to work continuously for 14 hours or stand in the same place for 3-4 hours.

  • Acquire relevant experience in the field prior to becoming a fully fledged reader. You need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism along with a degree in Communication or English. Choose the best schools offering top broadcasting journalism programs. Take up art history, liberal arts and political science courses to improve your knowledge base and experience in the field. When you are in the undergraduate level, gain experience in reading reports. Joining the school newspaper and writing investigating leads, stories, case studies help a lot. During summers, gain internship experience. If you consider getting Masters Degree in journalism, you are sure to provide a great boost to your resume.

To become a successful reporter, a lot of hard work is needed. You need to make voracious job searches and move on from one place to another. There are many who start from local market station and reach to the top with consistent hard work.

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